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The 5 Best Apps for Planning a Road Trip

As you know, I’ve just gotten back from a West Coast road trip. Planning a 6-week itinerary is no small task, but thanks to these handy apps, I was able to keep myself organized.

1. Bublup (FREE)

Bublup is probably the app I use the most right now (okay, maybe aside from Instagram). Think of it as a beautifully designed hybrid between Pinterest and Google Drive, where you can visually store and share any type of links and files.

For this trip specifically, I created folders for literally everything you can imagine: Our itinerary, photo inspiration, trails we wanted to hike, dog-friendly spots, hotel reservations, etc. Because you can give anyone access to the folders you create, everything you save there is automatically shared with whoever you’re traveling with – making sure everyone always has access to any important information. No more searching through your emails for that hotel confirmation! Not to mention you can easily create a group folder that everyone can upload photos to, so you don’t have to wait for that one friend (you know who they are) to send you that cute photo they took of you.

Bublup is FREE in the app store and you can get 100GB of storage if you sign up here.

2. Splitwise (FREE)

Splitwise allows you to create groups with your friends and easily keep track of expenses while traveling. You can even keep track of purchases in multiple currencies. It’s super customizable and allows you to split expenses based on percentages or amounts. At the end of the trip, you can just “settle up” your group and it will let you know exactly who owes who what.

3. AllTrails (FREE)

Instead of reading blog after blog trying to figure out how to access hiking trails and get more detailed information, use this app. If you like hiking and don’t already use AllTrails, you’re missing out. It contains detailed information on basically any trail you can think of. Easily search by location or trail name to find details such as distance, difficulty, elevation, whether or not it’s dog friendly, etc.

4. Packing Pro ($2.99)

This very simplistic app does exactly what it implies: helps you pack. All you have to do is enter details about your trip, like duration, weather expectations, whether or not you’re bringing kids or pets, etc. Packing Pro then automatically creates a checklist of packing items for you, including clothes, toiletries, essentials, gadgets, and more.

5. Free WiFi Finder

Free WiFi Finder is pretty self-explanatory. It will guide you towards free access spots near you. This comes in particularly handy if you have to work while on the road (as I do!), but it can also be helpful if you’re just trying to upload all your photos and don’t want to use up all of your data.

Of course, there are many other apps out there that supplement these top 5 on my list. What are some of your favorites to help stay organized while traveling?

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