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Road Trip – Week 5: Utah

If you read the Week 4 blog, you’ll remember me saying not everything goes according to plan. And as we crossed from Wyoming to Utah, that realization kept on being forced upon us.

Being on a road trip for 5 weeks is exhausting as it is. If you’ve done it, you know. If you haven’t, just imagine your regular work commute but like… non-stop, week after week. With that said, now imagine that your work is to show up at amazing places, frolic about, and take cool photos. That sort of makes it all worth it.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining here… but I’m only human. So when unexpected things derail us from our carefully planned path, it’s hard to not get a bit frustrated. Because of this incident, we lost almost two full days of exploring in one of the states I was most excited to see.

Here’s what happened in Utah:

We spent a couple of great days in Salt Lake City and Heber City before heading to southern Utah. More specifically, on one day we had to drive from Heber City to La Verkin, a good 4 and a half hour drive. The first couple of hours went great. We were on track to arrive at the hotel by 6pm and get some work done, eat dinner, relax, and prep for our next two days of exploring Zion!

I was excited. Apparently too excited to notice a giant piece of metal on the highway, which I hit (in Jordan’s car…. Oops). It could’ve been fine. It could’ve not been a big deal. But it was. Immediately after hitting this thing, we could smell gas. So naturally, we pulled over to see what was going on. Turns out whatever I drove over smashed right into the gas tank, opening up a big gash in it – so the car was just leaking huge amounts of gas. Awesome.

Eventually we ended up at an auto shop where they told us they had to replace the WHOLE thing and, because we were in the middle of nowhere, we’d have to wait until the following day for the new fuel tank to even be delivered. We sat there and thought about what options we really had, trying to figure out what made the most sense. We were supposed to be in La Verkin for the next two nights, but it became clear somewhere around 5pm that we were not going to make it for the first night. So we found another hotel nearby and settled in for the night.

I do want to point out that finding this hotel was the best thing that happened to us during these two days. Not only did the desk staff offered to pick us up at the auto shop, they also made themselves super available to bring us back and forth as needed to deal with car stuff. In addition to that, when we got the news the following day that the car wasn’t going to be ready until EOD, the hotel manager put us back in a room at no cost so we didn’t have to wait in the lobby. I want to make clear that this post is in no way sponsored by any hotels, but I felt it was worth mentioning since it is extremely rare, in my experience, to come across people that are that willing to go above and beyond to help complete strangers (and two pups!).

After a long day of back-and-forth, we finally had our car back. So, we packed up our things and headed down to La Verkin – a day and a half late. Obviously because of this delay we missed most of the things we wanted to see, lots of which included hikes. Jordan had been trying to convince me to hike Angel’s Landing the entire trip, and I still can’t decide if I’m happy or upset about missing that one.

We did end up having half a day to spend in Zion, so we made the best of it. We picked a quick and easy hike, which unfortunately the pups couldn’t go on. It only took us about 15-20 minutes to get to the top, and this was the view waiting for us up there!

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It was the last day of the trip, and we were worn down. But I also felt happy and lucky to have been able to spend this much time doing something I truly enjoy, with three creatures I really adore.

Somewhat satisfied with our Utah experience, and extremely fulfilled overall, the four of us headed back to the car and started to make our way home to California. But not before some obligatory middle of the road shots:

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