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Road Trip Week 2 - Washington

I wanted to go to Washington for the amazing Mt. Rainier hikes, but was really bummed to find out that they just don’t allow dogs. I mean…C’mon, Washington! Get with it.

Given that we are currently traveling with two fluffy babies, we had no choice but to try and find some off-the-beaten-path, dog-friendly options instead of the amazingly breathtaking view points I had seen all over social media. Whatever – I didn’t want them anyways. *insert hysterical crying emoji*

Despite this small setback, we were still able to find a lot of cool stuff to do with the pups. Yes, Including one lake with a Mt. Rainier view (score!). Due to limited time, we were only able to check out a few of these places, but you can get a complete list of the best dog-friendly spots in Washington and all along the West Coast here.

Gig Harbor

We drove up from Portland into our first Washington stop: Gig Harbor. I’d never even heard of this place before, to be honest, so it was a pleasant surprise to pull up to this little town just past Tacoma. The main point of attraction here is – you guessed it – the Harbor, from which you can even see Mt. Rainier out in the distance (far, far away…).


We decided to take a break from hotels for two days and stayed in this amazing home in Index. The plan here was to just take a break, relax, and catch up on work for a couple of days. But we couldn’t help but head over to the nearby Lake Wenatchee one afternoon. FYI - there’s a campground here also!

There aren’t many other dog-friendly activities around this area, so we spent the rest of the time enjoying the view from our deck (and doing laundry!).

Snow Lake

I think I hate hiking. But I also hate flying (really!). And, sometimes, you just gotta do things you dislike to get to do the things you DO like. And I’d say I quite enjoy standing on top of a rock overlooking a beautiful blue lake. So, until they build escalator trails, I hike.

This hike was about 3.2 miles each way, with a steady incline to the top, and basically all downhill on the way back. You can also continue on further down into the actual lake, but we were short on time (and it was chilly), so we decided to “settle” for the view point. Not bad!


When I think of Seattle I think of one thing: Grey’s Anatomy. But what Meredith Grey didn’t tell me was that even parked in a garage, your car is not safe from being broken into. Yep. This happened to us. We were literally in Seattle for ONE day!

I’m not going to lie, this experience put a bit of a damper on the time we spent in this otherwise lovely city. But I guess it’s a normal reaction to be somewhat fed up with everything else going on around an unfortunate event. After dealing with this incident for most of the morning, we tried to head down to Pike Place Market, another thing the city is known for. And it was PACKED. I mean, just crawling with people. In hindsight, I slightly regret not taking the time to check it out, but as I said, we were very ready to just get out of the city and back into nature at this point. I’ll just think of it as saving it for the next visit.


When Jordan told me at the beginning of this trip, that we were going to a dog-friendly Winery in Aberdeen, it instantly became one of the things I was looking forward to the most. Little did I know they also had a giant scrabble board? And like… fresh strawberries and blueberries all over…. And uhhh Lavender Crème Brûlée?? Let’s just go ahead and put this down as one of my favorite spots in all of Washington.

Aberdeen is a coastal city, but aside from a random beach we ended up at for sunset one of the days, we didn’t get to see any others. I wish I knew what this beach was called (if anyone knows, please tell me in the comments), because it was so so pretty and we were basically the only people there. So it was definitely a good spot to end the day and let the dogs run wild.

And finally – a Mt. Rainier view at Summit Lake

Summit Lake was one of the hikes we kept hearing about, because it’s one of the few dog-friendly hikes with a view of Mt. Rainier. Having spent 10 days in Washington and not gotten any decent views of the famous mountain, we decided to check this one out.

We got a bit lost here, as signage is quite poor (seems to be sort of a theme in WA?) but eventually found our way down to the lake, and yep! There was Mt. Rainier in the background! Finally! During the hike to the lake, there are also a few spots where you can see the mountain through the trees. This is definitely nothing compared to the main hikes with close up views, but this was the only ones the pups could join us on – so we made the best of it. And they had a ton of fun running in and out of the lake, finishing off the Washington section of our trip with a bang!

And we’re off to Canada! Check out more behind the scenes photos, our list of dog-friendly spots, vlogs, and more at bublup.com/adventure.

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