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Road Trip Week 1: California & Oregon

About a week ago I left LA with Jordan and his pups, Sedona & Zeus, on a six-week road trip. We started in LA and are going all the way up to Canada, then back down through Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. You can check out our full itinerary and follow our adventure here.

We’re now just over one week into the trip and have already visited some amazing places. We left LA and headed straight to Big Sur, a spot I’ve been wanting to go for a while.

I almost did go there about 2 years ago.

I was driving up in the middle of the night because I wanted to be there for sunrise. When I was almost there, about 5 hours into my drive, I got a call with some news and had to run back home – another 5 hours back. So basically, I spent all night and morning driving to… well… nowhere. Ever since then, I haven’t been in LA long enough to make the time to see any of the spots in California I had been wanting to see, Big Sur included.

But this time I made it! We arrived at around 6pm and there were quite a lot of tourists there. But, surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to find a couple of spots to take photos from without anyone getting in the way.

We also made a quick stop at Bixby Creek Bridge, with a very specific photo idea in mind, but failed quite miserably at this one. This spot was quite packed with tourists and the traffic on the bridge itself didn’t leave much time for setting up a shot. Whenever I go on trips, I always have a bunch of Bublup folders filled with photo inspo – and only about 10% of those actually happen. I’m used to it. Can’t win ‘em all, right?

So, we left Big Sur heading towards Oregon – but not before making a few other stops in Northern California over the next few days.

Four days into the trip, we finally crossed the Oregon border (California is GIGANTIC). Our first Oregon destination was Crater Lake. I’d seen it plenty on social media but didn’t get to visit when I came to Oregon a few years ago.

Unfortunately, none of the trails with a view of the lake are dog-friendly (sad face), so we didn’t have the option to hike here. But! You can literally park on the side of the road and get THIS view:

So, honestly, no hiking needed. Oregon offers plenty of other hiking trails if you’re traveling with a pet and can’t make any of the Crater Lake ones. If you don’t have four-legged companions, I’m sure the lake looks amazing from all sorts of different angles, so go for it.

Speaking of other Oregon Trails (remember that game?!), we also took some super easy hikes to Moon Falls and Spirit Falls, where the pups had an absolute blast and made a mess out of the car afterwards. Make sure to bring some towels with you, even if you don’t have animals (or kids!). Waterfalls and muddy terrain make for very messy days.

The two waterfall hikes are up the same road, and super easy to get to from their respective parking areas. They both also have a table at the bottom of the falls if you fancy a picnic.

And so, after the messy waterfalls, the hikes were done for a few days (mixed emotions here), but we still had a couple more epic spots to check out.

I had been to Yaquina Head Lighthouse during my last visit and it was unbelievably beautiful, so I knew I wanted to go back this time for some photos. There is a fee to get into the Lighthouse parking area, but if you have a National Parks Pass it’s included! If you’re on a bike or on foot, entrance is also free.

From the parking lot, the Lighthouse is only a few steps away. You also have the choice of going down to the rocky beach below. It gets pretty windy over in that area, so definitely pack a blanket.

Our last Oregon stop was Cannon Beach. Last time I had been here it was winter, so it was totally empty. This time it was filled with families and puppies all around. We stopped at Mo’s for a beachside lunch, and then headed on over to the sand with the pups – who had an absolute blast running around and rolling in the wet sand.

We headed back to the hotel exhausted, sandy, and with two very dirty puppies who desperately needed a bath (and desperately didn’t want one). For some reason they love the water everywhere else, except for in the bath tub. Bad news, Sedona and Zeus: If this trip continues the way that it’s been, there are a lot more baths to come.

Continue to check out our behind the scenes photos, vlogs, and everything we've been up to here.

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