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Gorges Du Verdon - The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

If you think the gorgeous South of France couldn't get any more amazing, you're completely and absolutely wrong. Only a couple of hours drive from the picturesque city of Nice, is the most breathtakingly beautiful place I have EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. And I'm not exaggerating.

As you begin the drive north, you pass a lot of cute small towns, some mountains, some nothingness. Then you finally arrive at a small windy road that goes on for a while. This area is extremely green and lush, and you can't see much besides a ridiculous amount of giant trees. At some point towards the end of the drive, I remember getting a peak at the unbelievably blue water of Lac De Sainte-Croix. I had seen plenty of pictures of this spot, as I had been planning to go there for quite a while, but I honestly did not expect it to actually be as beautiful as the photos. It was better.

If you follow the road around the lake, you will come across a few little towns along the lake, in which you can stop to get some food (or French wine!). There are also plenty of parking signs leading you to the different beach areas. However, the real treat is about half way around the lake, and it's the Gorges.

In this area, you can rent pedal boats for fairly cheap (€15 per hour for a three person boat). Even if you are on a budget, you MUST do this. Skip dinner if you have to. Seriously. Because if you think this sounds amazing so far, it gets better: As if cruising through the most beautiful water I've ever seen, and nestled between gorgeous mountains wasn't enough, after about 30 minutes of pedaling, I started to hear something. And then... Waterfalls. Right there. In the middle of all that.

If you're planning on visiting the South of France, definitely take a day and drive up to the Gorges, and don't forget to bring some food for a lakeside picnic (and some wine for the boat ride!).

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