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5 Things You Must Do When in Singapore

observation deck at Marina Bay Sands Singapore Skyline
From the observation deck at Marina Bay Sands

I didn't know much about Singapore. But I did know, from the photos I had seen, that it looked like some sort of futuristic alien city full of weird structures. So, naturally, I bought a ticket.

I went to Bali in February with nothing but a one way ticket. I knew I wanted to spend some time in Asia, but wasn't sure where I was going to end up after. Singapore had been on my list for a while, but I knew it was going to be EXPENSIVE, and I'm not a fan of overpaying for things. I figured the best compromise was to go for only three days to minimize costs, and also to stay in a hostel vs hotel or AirBNB ($$$$$$).

The view you see above alone was worth the trip to this lovely tiny country, but there were a few other things I enjoyed doing as well. Here we go:

1. Gardens by the Bay

Flying the drone in Gardens By The Bay Singapore
Flying the drone in Gardens By The Bay

So, I wanted to fly the drone here... And after spending a few minutes debating the best way to go about it, and realizing there was security everywhere, I figured I'd just ask.

"Ummm, hi - *awkward smile & wave* - there's not any chance I can fly a drone in here, can I?"

"Oh! Yes of course. You can. Just don't hit anybody."

You can imagine my shock when I got that answer. The answer I have never once gotten, like, anywhere. Singapore, you f*&^$ rock for lenient your drone laws.

So, what is this place?

Gardens by the Bay is part of the nation's plans to transform its "Garden City" to a "City in a Garden", with the aim of raising the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city. But all I cared about was that it looked like an extraterrestrial land and I wanted IN!

There's no entrance fee to the main park area, but you do have to pay if you want to walk on the high bridges or enter any of the exhibits. I didn't do those, so I can't recommend it, but I am sure they are as lovely as the rest of the park.

If you visit Singapore, you MUST go spend some time here. Make sure to plan some time to go during the day and also at night, when they have the most magical light and music shows.

Star Wars theme song in an amazing futuristic garden with colorful flashing lights, anyone?

2. Get to the Top

If you don't have a drone but still want a bird's eye view of the city, check out the amazing rooftop at Marina Bay Sands. At first, it hurt my heart to pay $17 to get up there, but I forgot all about it when my eyes were blessed with the 360 degree view of the entire city. Yep, everything. Harbor, Gardens, Buildings, Bay. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

When you enter the building, they take one of those cheesy green screen photos of your group that you can buy at the end, for a ridiculous $30. No thanks. Although, our photo did look pretty good and I wish I had grabbed it and ran.

At the top, there's also a restaurant and bar that's open to the public, as well as an awesome looking pool - but that's for guests only. Once you've paid the entry fee, you can kind of just hang out up there for as long as you want, but I definitely recommend going for sunset!

3. Dine by the Bay

The bay is lined with tons of bars and restaurants, and it's the perfect spot to relax after a long day of exploring the city. This strip of businesses is also the PERFECT place to watch the sunset (assuming you've already done Marina Bay Sands rooftop), because it has tons of places to sit facing the Bay, and people literally do just go and sit there and watch.

4. Find a Rooftop Infinity Pool

And there are plenty!

Most of these are private and belong to hotels, though. So if you don't want to splurge for a night's stay, you may be out of luck here. (Just like me *sob*)

If you do make it to one of these, please take lots of photos. Pose, make faces, stick your bum out, do whatever... seriously. This is a once in a lifetime kind of thing. Who cares who's watching?!

5. Take a Nighttime Stroll

Marina Bay Sands at Night
Marina Bay Sands at Night

Singapore is beautiful during the day, but at night is when this city comes alive. I felt perfectly safe the entire time I was in there, so even if you're solo traveling, don't hesitate to go out for some nighttime exploring.

Have you been to Singapore or is it on your list?

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