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5 Things You Must Do in Morocco's Blue City

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Chefchaouen, also known as the Blue City or the Blue Pearl, is a city unlike any other. If you are lucky enough to have a day or two to spend here, these are some things you must do!

1. Just Wander About

If there was ever a city made for walking around aimlessly, Chefchaouen is that place! This town is covered in a beautifully lively blue color, full of alleyways and little squares to be discovered. The Blue City also provides an abundance of restaurants and shops, so even if you stick around for a while, you're bound to find something new every day.

2. Get Wet

This one is technically outside of the city, but it's definitely close enough to count and it's considered one of its main attractions. Grand Cascade D'akchour, or simply D'akchour Waterfall, is located about 1.5 hours from Chefchaouen, and you can easily get there by Taxi or a group tour.

3. Build Up an Appetite

After spending a day at the waterfall, or getting your steps in wandering about the city, you're sure to be starved. Stop at one of the restaurants on the main market area and get yourself some amazing, cheap meals. I recommend finding a spot with lamb chops! If you're from the US you know lamb chops are EXPENSIVE here, I can't remember ever paying less than $15-$20 for them. But in Morocco, they are cheap - really cheap. I paid around $5USD for a plate in Chefchaouen that came with 4 chops, fries, and a salad. It was absolutely delicious too, and perfectly cooked.

If you're a vegetarian, you will also be able to find plenty of delicious lunch and dinner options in the Blue City. Have you tried vegetable Tajine?!

4. Go Shopping

Souvenirs? They got 'em.

Clothes? Yup.

Leather goods? Absolutely.

Herbs and tea? You bet.

Pottery? Mhmmm.

Wooden Utensils? By the shit ton.

There's no shortage of amazing handcrafted goods here, and everything is fairly cheap compared to US or Europe prices. I got a handmade wooden comb for $5 (and I could've probably talked it down more but the guy was nice and I felt bad being THAT cheap!)

The only issue you will have while shopping in Chefchaouen is figuring out how to fit it all in your suitcase.

5. Leave the Town

This may seem like a weird tip, but read on -

If you hike or take a taxi up to the city's entrance, you will be presented with this awesome view of the entire city.

Chefchaouen has become a pretty popular Instagram location over the last year, so I was surprised to see this view and realize I didn't even know it existed - because I had never seen a picture of it before!

If you've been to Chefchaouen, did I miss anything on this list? And if you haven't been, is this a place you'd consider visiting?

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